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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nose, Toes, and Uh-Ohs

Our little man sure does keep us entertained with his quirky antics!  Here are just a few of his latest memorable moments:
  • We have a bookworm in our house and he is devouring books of all sizes, shapes, and subjects!  No sooner does he let you finish reading one book before he's climbing out of your lap or vehemently pointing to get another one.  It's really quite cute.  He'll even go and pick out just the right book he wants to read and bring it to you and then hold his hands up or turn his body around so he can sit in our laps.  He loves to turn the pages and point to different pictures while saying "dees" or "dat". He loves participating in the different actions, especially when reading Elmo Says. What a joy to watch!
  • For many months now whenever we would ask Riley where his nose is, he would immediately reach up and touch his ear!  It happened every time, no matter how many silly noises or touching our noses or his nose we did.  It's the only body part that he seemed genuinely confused about.  He has been able to locate his head, hair, eyes, ears, toes, tummy, hand, and feet with little to no problems at all.  Well, as of this week, I'm happy to report that Riley now knows where his nose is! Now instead of touching his ear, he pretty much shoves one finger up his nostril! Silly boy!
  • On the note of body parts, each night we let Riley help brush his teeth with his Elmo toothpaste and green toothbrush.  He takes a few swipes inside his mouth while he's lying on his back on the changing table before promptly deciding that his toes also need a good brushing!  He thinks it's hilarious when we try to explain that his toes really don't need to be cleaned and pretty much refuses to stop brushing them until we take the toothbrush away.  I guess he'll have the whitest, shiniest, best-smelling toes in town!
  • Riley's walking skills have really taken off lately.  He can now walk easily 8-10 steps before plopping down on his bottom.  We've seen a major shift in his confidence level these past few weeks and now our cautious little cruiser is a terrifying teetering toddler!  He no longer thinks he needs to hold on to anything and begins to set off for a destination before fully gaining his balance.  Chris and I are on edge all the time now as he walks around the living room.  We try to prevent as many spills as we can, but there's just no way to stop them all and we've had quite a few uh-ohs recently.  Luckily, nothing that has caused bloodshed or broken bones, but there have been some bruises, bumps, and nasty marks.  Maybe we'll just bubble-wrap Riley for the next month or two until he gets his land-legs. :0)
  • Have I ever mentioned how great Riley is about taking medicine?  This sweet little boy will open his mouth wide and guzzle down any flavor of liquid concoction the doctor has prescribed with no problem at all and then act a little disappointed when it's all gone. Now this does not apply to eye drops as we learned recently when Riley was diagnosed with pink eye.
  • His vocabulary is steadily increasing.  He can now say "hoosh" for "house", "tees" for "trees", and "tuck" for "truck" when riding in the car and looking out the window.  He knows how to say his version of please and thank you.  He will also ramble on and on in his own babble language while playing and that's always fun to hear!

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