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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonderful Weekends and Great Growth

As a family, we all look forward to the weekend! And we have had so many wonderful moments these last few weeks.  Here's a quick recap:
  • Riley certainly has a love for the outdoors! One of his favorite things to do on the weekends is to go outside and rock in his rocking chair or in one of Mom and Dad's big chairs.  He feels so proud of himself and gets a big smile on his face the moment he starts moving.  

  • Aug. 27th Riley attended a Pool Party for our friend Taylor Warren.  He loved eating fruit and cake and watching all the action.  He finally warmed up to the pool and liked putting his face in the water and playing with all the floating beach balls.  While Riley and I were away, Lonnie and Kristin (Riley's birthparents) texted Chris to check on us and make sure we were okay from the recent Hurricane Irene and earthquake tremor.  We assured them that we were all doing fine and appreciated their concern. They were at Kristin's parents house and were about to go out on their boat for the day. It was great to hear from them and so glad to know that they were thinking of us! 
  • Sept. 3rd Riley stayed with his grandparents (Gmama and Papa) while we went to watch the USC game in Charlotte with our friends David and Brandy, Jeremy and Ann, and Ronnie and Jess. Some of us decided not to buy tickets to the game because they would be so expensive, so we opted to watch the game at Wild Wings in the Epicenter instead.  It was a good game and we had a great time hanging out somewhere else besides our usual porches in the QCP. 
  • Sept. 9th was Papa's 55th birthday and we went over to their house to celebrate with a delicious dinner of steak, potatoes, salad, and Cherry Yum Yum for dessert (which was one of my dad's favorites when he was growing up).  Afterwords, we enjoyed some quality family time talking and laughing outside on the patio.  The next day, we had our HOA cookout at 4 in the park.  Riley grinned from ear to ear as he rode on Blake's tractor toy and Delaney's car.  We found out this weekend that he now knows how to push himself forward using his feet (previously he only knew how to go backwards). We had a lot of fun visiting with all the other kids in the neighborhood (Callahan, Blake, Delaney, Liam, and Donna) and thanks to Alice and Kevin's clever engineering we were able to watch the USC/Georgia game outside as well! Riley is such a good sleeper that we're able to put him down in just about any Pack 'N Play and after crying for just a minute or two, he settles down and goes right to sleep.  He spent both of these nights in a bed other than his own and we're so thankful that he adjusts so well.  
  • Next weekend we're looking forward to going to Homecoming at church with the Casons and eating some delicious chicken and covered dish luncheon afterwards.  Then Riley is going to have a babysitter (Taylor who is our neighborhood babysitter) come over while we go to Camp Canaan for a Canopy Zipline tour. 
In addition to our action-packed weekends, we are loving how much Riley is growing and changing! He had a doctor's appointment Sept. 6th and he weighed 25.8 pounds and was 34 1/2 inches long.  That puts him at the top of the curve for his height and in the 60th percentile for his weight! He loves Dr. Cook and puts his hands out for him to hold him each time he sees him! Dr. Cook  is proud of his walking progress (Riley can now take 5 or 6 steps in a row and even bend down and pick up objects without losing his balance sometimes) and thinks he has a very good temperment (which we think is true too, except when he doesn't get his way and resorts to head banging or throwing himself down on the floor in a fit of tears).  We've been assured this is just a stage and will improve as Riley learns how to communicate more.

Speaking of which, our little babbling boy has learned even more words. Chris said just this week Riley pointed to his sandals and said shoes "clear as a bell".  Riley loves to sit on our laps and then stand up while saying "up" (more like "dup") and "down" (which sounds like "dow")over and over again with his motions.  He also narrates his walks with his alligator push toy in which he says "dop" for "stop" and "go" (which I think is one of his favorite words to say).  We've heard him say his version of thank you and please (which sounds like "eez" to me).  We love how fast he's picking up on words and love to him him sing in his carseat or just sit on the floor and yak away in his very own language.  It never ceases to amaze us how much he can change in just a few short weeks!

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