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Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Steps and Words

Well, it's official! Our bouncing baby boy is now a walking, talking toddler!  On August 17th (our first day back to school with students), Riley was cruising around our coffee table and I put my hands out to signal to him to come to me.  He purposefully let go of the table and took 1 1/2 steps on his own before falling into my arms with a big "I'm proud of myself" smile on his face!  Mom and Dad sure were proud of him too!  Now he doesn't have to resort to pushing chairs around the house as his main means of transportation!

In addition to his first steps, Riley has become a babbling pro with all kinds of new words mixed in to his very unique Riley-ese language.  He is back to saying "uh oh" very clearly (he used to say this a few months ago, but dropped the "oh" part).  He now has his own version of the word "ball" which is more like "ba" and dog which is "dough". However, there is no mistaking when he says "Daddy" as clear as a bell.  We're still working diligently on the word Mama, but it comes out more like "nanana". He can say "no" now (instead of "bo").

What continues to amaze me though, is how much Riley understands! His receptive language skills are developing so fast!  He knows what going bye-bye means, where his head is, how to ask nicely for food using his sign for "please", how to clean up and put things in their container, how to turn his crocodile walker toy when we encourage him, what it means to blow kisses or give his stuffed animals a kiss, and he can point out a lot of pictures when we say the words in his ABC books (like dog, baby, elephant, banana, bear, boat, train, duck, bear, and cat).

Riley had the opportunity to meet his second-cousins (Elaina-11 months and Sarah-9 months) on Aug. 9th.  We drove to Union for a daytime visit and he got a chance to play with all kinds of fun toys as he watched and played with the girls.  Elaina and Riley share a special adoption connection and Kristie and I had a great time swapping stories.  Great-grandparents Mommaw and Poppaw were in heaven having so many great-grandbabies in one place!  

He has grown so much over the summer and these last few weeks.  I can only imagine what else is in store for our little tyke!

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