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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"I've Got To Write That Down"

I don’t know how many times I’ve already said to myself, “Oh my goodness, that is so cute (or funny or amazing, or ridiculous, etc.), I’ve got to write that down” regarding something that Riley has just started doing.  So without any further delay…here is my first attempt at blogging to keep up with the memorable moments that shape our day to day lives with our precious little boy.  And I know looking back these times will make us remember the small things that made us smile and brought us so much joy!
  • Getting Riley to eat solid foods has been quite an adventure! I honestly thought I might have to send him to Kindergarten with Stage 2 Gerber baby food because he quickly spits out any food that has texture or too much thickness.  We tried all kinds of easy beginner foods like bananas, toast, cheese, watermelon, and diced peaches, but all he would eat was Gerber Puffs or Yogurt Melts (aka baby junk food).  It wasn’t until he was about 12 months old that we discovered he would eat edemame if we split it in half and peeled off the outer skin.  Then he began to eat peas (which we discovered one night at Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar), but they had to be the frozen kind, not the mushy can-kind. Next he started eating diced pears that come in snack-sized cups.  We tried countless other finger foods over the next few weeks, but the only other food we were able to successfully get him to eat was kiwi!  Quite a unique sense of culinary cuisine for a 1 year old!  He would simply spit everything else out OR he would turn his head without even tasting or smelling the new food.  I guess he just didn’t like how it looked. In July, at my mom’s birthday dinner which just so happened to be at another Ruby Tuesday’s, Riley ate the most food we have ever seen him devour! He started off with guacamole that came with our chips and then he quickly moved on to Papa’s mashed potatoes, Grandmama’s crab cakes, mom’s cottage cheese, dad’s peas, and of course his favorite food of the night was the Red Velvet cupcake and icecream served for dessert! He had finally turned a corner and didn’t have to eat just pureed fruits and veggies. Thank goodness!
  • About a month or two  ago, Riley started throwing any finger foods he didn’t like or even want to try overboard on the side of his highchair.  Over and over again Chris and I would look at him as seriously as we could (because many times it took everything in us not to crack a smile) and tell him “no”.  He quickly caught on to this little game and now just about every time one of us says “no”, he simply looks right back at us with his serious look and says “bo”.  It must be his own version of “no” and lets us know just how much he knows exactly what we’re saying.
  • He’ll say the same thing when he sneaks up to the TV console after looking over his shoulder once or twice to see if we notice him.  Then he’ll quickly slide open one of the cabinet doors and start pushing buttons, grabbing remotes, and generally causing chaos as fast as he can before one of us interrupts him.  We pretty much have to physically remove him from the space because everything else (saying no, placing him in the corner for a 1 min. time out…which was completely pointless as Chris tried to block him from escaping, ignoring him, popping his hand, and even growling at him…which is actually an idea suggested in a book I read) have absolutely no effect!  He’s definitely a tenacious little guy who knows exactly what he wants! ;0)
  • Our little man is very smart and tech-savvy!  Whenever he hears a phone ring, he puts his hand up to his ear like he’s talking on a cell phone.  And speaking of cell phones, he’s in love with getting his hands on any that he can find and gets quite upset when they are taken away.  As is true with the TV remote.  Chris and I have taken to hiding the remote behind one of the brown side cushions on our couch.  Riley caught on quite quickly to this little trick and now whenever he’s standing on the couch, he’ll cruise down to one of the cushions and take a peek behind them to see if he can find the missing remote. Quite the smartie!
  •  Riley loves playing peek-a-boo by placing covers, blankets, or his hoodie towels over his head.  The funniest time recently we caught on video tape is when Riley discovers a dish cloth in the kitchen an decides to put it on his head and crawl around aimlessly on the floor.  Not exactly the safest game as this quickly led to him bumping into quite a few chairs and walls, but he sure got a kick out of it!
  • One of Riley’s favorite toys at 14 months old is a chomping gator push walker that my mom and dad got him for his birthday.  His face lights up as he starts to push it from behind with his Frankenstein-type walk with knees that stay straight.  Then when he reaches a wall, he now does his own version of the sign for “help” and this is his way of telling us to please help him turn his gator toy around so he can walk back the other way. He can actually balance now for a few seconds while he signs "help" to one of us.  He has also learned that signing "help" magically opens his toy chest and gets him more of what he wants!
  •  Speaking of signing, Riley started signing “more” around 12 months and for awhile it was the only sign he knew.  He would sign “more” all the time at dinner to indicate he wanted more of whatever baby food we were quickly trying to spoon-feed down his open bird-like mouth.  All the while, he’s moaning and groaning with various “mmmm” sounds to show us how much he loves his food!
  • Around 13 months, Riley caught on to the sign for “please” which is just rubbing your hand in a circle on your chest.  He quickly forgot the sign for “more” and everything became “please”.  He had also learned the sign for “dog” which is patting your leg with an open palm, but this too easily blended into the sign for “please”.  So now, when he does the sign and we’re not sure what he’s saying we just say it’s “Please, more dog.”
  • Riley has been receiving early intervention, physical and occupational therapy services this summer through BabyNet to help facilitate his gross and fine-motor skills. He often has a tendency to “W-sit” which is to have his knees bent, but with both of his legs behind him.  The PT wants him to sit with his legs out in front of him, so she often tapped his legs and asked him “to fix his legs”.  Within a few weeks, whenever one of us asks him to do the same thing without even touching his leg, he quickly scoots them out in front.
  • When Riley was first learning how to stand up by himself, he would come over to the couch, get up on his knees, put his hands up on the cushion and try to pull himself up.  He didn’t quite have the upper body strength or confidence he needed, so he would often open his mouth and try to bite the cushion for a little “extra leverage.”
  • When Rachel, the occupational therapist, would give Riley 1 small toy to hold in each hand and then would offer him another one (hoping he would transfer the toy to his other hand and reach out and grab it with his free hand), he would often open his mouth as a way to say, “Just put it here!” Silly goose!
  •  Riley loves reading books and he now has a few favorites.  His all-time favorite one right now is “First 100 Words”.  Riley loves to point out the dogs, cats, flowers, and duck.  And whenever Chris makes the sound for the elephant, Riley immediately lifts his arm up in the air to signal the elephant’s trunk which he saw his daddy do a time or two.  
So this is the start of our Fisher Family Fun moments to remember! I know that I won't post every day, but I'll try to commit to recording at least one blog a week.  Hope those of you who know us also get a kick out of reading these somewhat silly family stories!


  1. Tracy,
    I love your new blog! Now i feel like i know what is going on in your family! Sounds like Riley is learning new things all the time! can't wait until the next post


  2. Thanks, Michelle! I hope I can have the diligence it deserves! Hope all is well with you!